Custom Discord Bots

Either a custom bot solution is too expensive for your group, or develoment is just taking too long.
We've got you.

🤑 Price

We understand that getting a Custom Discord Bot may not be the most economical decision in the world, especially with prices of hosting, hiring a developer, and more.

That's why we offer you two different payment options. We accept both Robux, and USD (or your currency).

⚡ Speed

When you hire a developer, it may take weeks to make your group the Custom Discord Bot they need. We've condensed that down to about 15 minutes.

From joining our Discord Server, to ordering, to getting your Custom Bot setup, we aim for it to be as close to 15 minutes as we can.

☺️ Easy to Setup

Some bots either require a backbreaking setup process through Discord, or the configurations hard-coded into the bot. Koal has the exact opposite.

Using our Dashboard on this website, you can easily and quickly get your Custom Discord Bot set up to exactly how you want it. And if you get stuck, we have charismatic Customer Care members waiting to help you out.

✨ Updates

Let's face it. Asking for features from developers or large companies is either awkward, or they'll just straight up ignore you. We have content updates weekly.

You've heard that right. We have new features and bug fixes out weekly. Along with that, 90% of our features are suggested by the community!

✍️ What're you waiting for?

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