Privacy Policy

Last updated December 26th, 2023.

This Policy explains how Koal ("Koal", "", "we", "us", "our") handles your information that we collect:

• through out website at

• through the users of our Discord ( Chatbots

• in other settings that we specify in this Privacy Policy.

Privacy is at the core of everything Koal does. We work tirelessly to ensure we comply with regulations, and our own moral obligations as human beings. If you feel we're not abiding by this, please contact us as specified below.

Who We Are

Koal is a Discord-Roblox ( integration software-as-a-service (SaaS), specializing in customizable Discord chatbots ("Bots"), Roblox member counters ("MyFollowers"), and a Roblox to Discord Developer API ("MyBoosts"). These can be all referred to as "Services".

Information We Collect

Public Information

Koal collects public information about Discord users while they interact with our Services. This includes:

• Discord user IDs

• Discord Server IDs

• Roblox user information (i.e. username, display name, avatar)

• Roblox group information (i.e. name, size, roles)

Different Services may collect different information.

Payment Information

Koal's payment gateway also collects personally identifiable data in order to assist with payments. Your payment information is stored securely with our payment parter, Stripe ( This can consist of:

• billing addresses

• email addresses

• other payment-related information

Koal does not store or use any identifiable data stored inside Stripe. You may edit/delete your Stripe data by visiting the Customer Payment Portal.

Other Data

Koal may also store some various other types of data for analytics and logging. This data is kept anonymous.

• operating system type

• device type

• browser type

• screen resolution

• IP address

• referral website

• how long you've visited our pages

• navigation paths across our website

• pages viewed

• and other interactions with our website


Koal uses cookies (identified as the "token" cookie) in order to authenticate you. We may utilize other first and third party cookies in order to provide you with a more personalized experience with using our Services.

Under 13s

Koal does not knowingly collect the data of users under the age of 13. Users under the age of 13 are prohibited to use our Services, as outlined in our Terms of Service.

If you believe someone under the age of 13 is using our Services, or you're a parent/guardian of a child under 13 and would like their data deleted, please send us an email.

Third Parties

Posthog: Koal uses Posthog to provide insights on how you use our Services. Posthog collects event data (i.e. MyFollowers creation) and user information. To learn more about Posthog and their privacy practices, visit their privacy policy.

Google reCAPTCHA: We use Google's invisible reCAPTCHA in order to keep our site safe from abuse. The use of Google reCAPTCHA is subject to the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

We also use the following subprocessors:

Google Cloud Platform





Hetzner Online GmbH

Control Your Data

Privacy is at the heart of everything that Koal does, so here's what you can do to make sure your data is safe.

View your data: You can view all of the data we (and Stripe) stores on your account by visiting and clicking "Download".

Delete your data: You can delete all data stored by Koal, and opt out of some third party analytics tracking by visiting and clicking "Delete Data".


Our Team is more than happy to answer any questions or concerns about this Privacy Policy and your data. Please contact us using the messanger (on the bottom right) or via email at [email protected].